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Just released! Forced Arbitration and the Fate of the 7th Amendment: The Core of America's Legal System at Stake? Report of the 2014 Forum for State Appellate Court Judges. This 172-page report contains the academic papers prepared for the Forum, commentary by panels of legal experts, and frank discussion by attending judges. Digital copies are free, print copies are for purchase for $25/each plus $5 shipping.

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The 2015 Judges Forum will be held on Saturday, July 11, 2015 in Montreal, QC. The topic is "Judicial Transparency and the Rule of Law" All sitting judges on state supreme courts and state intermediate appellate courts who can be identified through state court websites will receive an invitation. Read more about the 2015 Forum, or contact the Institute if you are a state appellate judge wishing to attend the Forum.

Since 1992, the Pound Civil Justice Institute‘s Forum for State Appellate Court Judges has brought together state supreme court and intermediate appellate court judges, legal scholars, and practitioners who represent both plaintiffs and defendants. They engage in lively, open exchanges on critical issues that affect the state courts. The Forum thus provides an intellectual bridge between these three very important groups, and it plays a major role in fostering positive dialogue with the judiciary.

The Forum allows the legal community to learn what concerns state judges, and it provides a channel for lawyers to present to judges the concerns of litigants on critical issues affecting citizens‘ access to justice. There is no more important judicial education program dedicated to civil justice issues. The Forum is highly regarded by the judges who have attended the program, many of whom call it "one of the best seminars available to jurists in the country."

Feedback from Judges
Judges who have attended past Forums have sent numerous unsolicited comments like the following:

  • “Roscoe Pound keeps us ahead of the curve.”
  • “The Pound Forum is very important to the judicial process; we should all be grateful to those who make it possible.”
  • ““I think what we are seeing here at the Forum is a rebirth of creative thinking.”
  • ““In providing this opportunity through the annual Forum, the Pound Institute offers a great benefit not just to the judges in attendance here, today, but to all the people we serve.”
  • “Because the Forum unfailingly presents noted speakers and legal writers who are tops in their fields, judges in attendance are able to glean a great amount of knowledge and depth on a significant and timely subject in a very short period of time. And the single-topic presentation and discussion format ensures a concentrated, meaningful focus. Just as important is the fact that judges can have confidence they are not being exposed to a one-sided view of the issue.”
  • “The Pound Institute is the best program I attend as a judge.”
  • “I thought the conference . . . was wonderful and insightful. The opportunity for discussion with other judges from across the country left me with the utmost confidence that our judicial system is in most capable hands.”
  • “Please share with the Officers and Trustees of the Pound Civil Justice Institute my thanks for their continued service to the courts of our country in making this program available to judges.”

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2014 Forced Arbitration and the Fate of the 7th Amendment: The Core of America’s Legal System at Stake?