2016 Symposium Papers

PANEL I:  (Re)assessing the Grand Bargain: Compensation for Work Injuries in the U.S., 1900-2016
                 Emily Spieler, Northeastern University School of Law
                 Spieler Slides

                 Commentary by Charles R. Davoli, Workplace Injury Law & Advocacy Group

                 Slides of Commentator Price Fishback

PANEL II: Workers’ Compensation at a Crossroads: Back to the Future or Back to the Drawing Board?
                 Alison Morantz, Stanford Law School
                 Morantz Slides

                 Commentary by John F. Burton, Jr., Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations

                 Commentary by James Lynch, FCAS MAAA, Chief actuary, Insurance Information Institute

                 Slides of Commentator Monica Galizzi/Les Boden

PANEL III:  Can State Constitutions Block the Workers'-Compensation Race to the Bottom?
                  Robert F. Williams, Rutgers Law School

PANEL IV:  Accommodating Tort Law: Alternative Remedies for Workplace Injuries
                  Robert L. Rabin, Stanford Law School

                 Towards a Less-Grand Bargain for Injured Workers
                  Adam Scales, Rutgers Law School

                 Commentary by George W. Conk, Fordham Law School
                 Conk Slides

                 Slides of Commentator Michael Duff

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