What's New

  • The Institute's 2015 Annual Report is now available.
  • STATE APPELLATE JUDGES:  You may now reserve your spot at Pound’s 24th Annual Forum for State Appellate Court Judges, which will take place on Saturday, July 23, 2016 in Los Angeles. The topic will be “Who Will Write Your Rules—Your State Court, or the Federal Judiciary?”  Details on the Judges Forum page.
  • You may view video of and read the academic papers from Pound's October 15, 2015 Academic Symposium with Emory University School of Law, "The 'War' on the U.S. Civil Justice System."  The academic papers written for the Symposium will appear in Vol. 65, No. 6 of the Emory Law Journal.
  • 2016 Appellate Advocacy Award for attorneys: Submission deadline is April 4, 2016. Criteria and nominating information are available on the Award's page.
  • NOW AVAILABLE: "Forced Arbitration and the Fate of the 7th Amendment" - Pound’s report of the 2014 Forum for State Appellate Court Judges. This 172-page report contains the academic papers prepared for the Forum, commentary by legal experts, and frank discussion by attending judges. Digital copies are free, print copies are for purchase. Details on the Judges Forum page.

Updated November 24, 2015